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Skugga Estate

Deep in the hills of Chiang Mai, the inquisitive traveller can find many hidden gems.

Near the village of Baan Pok, Skugga Estate produces award-winning shade-grown coffee.

Linda recently stopped in for a quick visit to check out the 250 rai (100 acres) family-owned coffee

plantation. The father-and-son venture, which started in 2016, honours the Swedish word "Skugga"

meaning "shade".

From tree to cup, handcrafted products are positioned as authentic and honest.

The estate also grows wild Assam tea and cacao, focusing on single-origin agriculture products that reflect their passion and lifestyle.

The atmosphere in the Chocolate Bar is like a classic cocktail bar. Try out unique drinks and pastries overlooking the chocolate lab.

The Chocolate Lab is where the roasting, cracking, winnowing, grinding, conching, and tempering happen. It’s where the chocolatiers turn beans into savoury delicacies.

At ECOSHIFT, we love to see people who employ responsible farming methods. It is reflected in the final product. Quality coffee, tea and cacao result from passionate farmers throughout Thailand.

We look forward to meeting more like-minded growers and producers and collaborating to help improve their products and lives.


House Cooperative 2, No. 29, Postal Code, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chiang Mai


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