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Belle nature


STEP 1 : sourcing - STEP 2 : planting - STEP 3 : growing - STEP 4  : 1st havest - STEP 5 :  transforming - STEP 6 : distributing


Our first project was seeded in 2018 when Founder Linda Chevrier planted over 350 cacao trees on Koh Phayam Island, Thailand.

Linda grew up here and is passionate about helping the local community initiate sustainable projects.

KOH KOA is our first sustainable project using blockchain technology for traceability and authentication.

ECOSHIFT is preparing to launch subsequent projects on Koh Phayam Island offering agriculture and aquaculture opportunities to the community create, grow and access equitable markets.

Discover how we are implementing positive, sustainable change that will benefit future generations.

Initiative 1



Growing trees

Select the best plants

Use local & natural compost

Water solutions

Create seed banks


Transforming cocoa beans



Research & Development

Reaching excellence

Truffes au chocolat

Distributing our products


Fair trade

Finding partners

Toutes les mains dans

Equal chances

Equal pay

Provide good working conditions

Fight child labour

Access to financial services

des arbres


Reduce amount of invasive species

Habitat restoration

Avoid any kind of pollution

Établi de bijouterie

Sharing know-how

Knowledge through workshops

Know-how through craftsmanship
wealth & skills through


Introduction to finance & blockchain

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