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Belle nature
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The ECOSHIFT backstory is a journey between friends and family, moments of thought and reflection, hands in the earth, mosquitos in the air, unforgettable encounters, long reads of white books, studying ecological and social impact, diving into blockchain technology and many more experiences that contributed to the project.


ECOSHIFT is a grassroots initiative that reimagines sustainability projects as part of a larger ecosystem.


It is a multi-faceted project supporting the ecological needs of our planet that fuses low-tech solutions and deep-tech applications enabling everyone to achieve sustainable production, fair trade and take part of solution.


Our vision is to connect sustainability and technology and build collaborative, transparent initiatives that generate positive impacts.

Join and help us re-think sustainability!

Vue aérienne d'une plage
Dunes de sable


Our mission is to empower people to initiate sustainable projects that tackle global challenges at the local level.

We are determined to flip an exploitative model on its head and create a transparent, inclusive, and balanced future.

We are proud to introduce an ecosystem model that will help shift the world to sustainable production.

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