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Belle nature
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The ECOSHIFT backstory is a journey between friends and family, moments of thought and reflection, hands in the earth, mosquitos in the air, unforgettable encounters, long reads of white books, studying ecological and social impact, diving into blockchain technology and many more experiences that contributed to the project.


ECOSHIFT is a grassroots initiative that reimagines sustainability projects as part of a larger ecosystem.

It is a multi-faceted project supporting the ecological needs of our planet that fuses low-tech solutions and deep-tech applications enabling everyone to achieve sustainable production, fair trade and take part of RealFi.

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Protect workers & producers

Guaranteed floor price for farmers

Trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect

Consumer awareness

Respect environment & biodiversity

Annual impact report

Variété de pièces de monnaie

Promote decentralization, transparency, and data integrity

Set a governance policy and share assets

Raise funds through ICOs

Use DApps to facilitate  payments with suppliers, product traceability,...



Knowledge through workshops

Know-how through craftsmanship

wealth & skills 


Introduction to finance & blockchain

Open data

tropical Plant


Grow native plants

Reduce amount of invasive species

Habitat restoration

Use local & natural compost

Avoid any kind of pollution

Seed banks

Rake et Hoes


Aim to a real ecological transition booster based on technologies that are easy to use

Focus on low environmental impact



Each chapter will tackle a global challenge to foster an environmentally friendly transition to reach self-sufficiency in a designated area.

We think global and act local.

Our ethical charter is a statement on our policy:

our aim is to keep it clear, simple, straightforward and crafted with intent.

Rizières en terrasses à Sapa, Vietnam

We believe in and support an environmentally responsible, equitable transition to sustainable production—specifically, fairness: to the environment, our members and our partners. 

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ECOSHIFT is transparent. Using a blockchain means everyone can see and verify our actions. We promote consensus-based decisions founded on the principle of a voice and a vote for every member.

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Our international makeup supports and promotes equal opportunity, diversity, and equality. We pride ourselves on tolerance. Moreover, we oppose discrimination of all forms: origin, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, language, social situation, religion or belief, and disability. We are against child labour and unfair treatment of workers.

We believe that big change comes with baby steps that positively impact people and the communities they live in.

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Connecting these blocks to a chain develops momentum, initiatives increase and sustainability spreads.

As a sustainable organization, ECOSHIFT aims to reduce the environmental footprint of its actions continually. We encourage our members to practice pesticide free agriculture, recycle, use biodegradable supplies, locally-sourced products wherever possible and support fair-trade products.

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We are socially conscious, promoting human rights, humanitarian principles, environmental protection, sustainable development, and the rule of law.

Belle nature

Chapter I now takes place on an island, Koh Phayam, Thailand.

There are 3 challenges we want to take up on this island:

  1. KOH KOA, growing, producing and distributing single origin and fine cocoa

  2. MOTHER OF PEARL - a pearl farm to promote traditional craftsmanship and diversify income

  3. CORAL EDEN - a coral garden to restore the reef and regenerate marine wildlife

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