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Building a Scalable Supply Chain for Smallholder Farmers: 
a Sustainable Path to Profitable Trade

Impact is measured on the ground, in families and their communities.

ECOSHIFT is focused on improving the living standards for smallholder farmers

to achieve a living income.

Smallholder farmers produce an estimated 1/3 of the world’s food. Yet 75% are poor.

We believe small-scale sustainability projects are part of a global ecosystem. Our model fuses low-tech solutions and deep-tech applications to support transparent, verifiable, sustainable production.

A diverse toolkit helps smallholder farmers grow sustainably and connects them to the market

for increased profitability.

Building local partnerships with farmers, industry, educational institutions, and government ensures a regionally specific and tailored approach. Our experienced team of professionals helps develop and implement innovative agricultural practices that advance

sustainable global supply chains.

We provide sustainability solutions, end-to-end traceability for regulatory compliance, and transparency to enable consumers to verify and support ethically sourced products.

Learn more about our first projects in Thailand.

ECOSHIFT: Re-think sustainability



Improving the Thai cocoa market.


Growing, producing, and distributing single origin and fine cocoa on Koh Phayam.

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