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A team of experienced financial advisors, agricultural experts, and sustainability professionals guide the first initiative

in Thailand’s fast-growing cocoa market.


Tech savvy, international career in sales, marketing and project management.

Senior Agricultural Value Chain Expert

More than 35 years of global experience in commercial research, crop modeling, agronomy, farm economics and diversified farming systems based on cocoa and other tropical tree crops.

Cocoa Research Manager

Retired Cocoa Research Manager for Asia/Pacific at Mars for 26 years.


Trusted freelance writer collaborating with various businesses, including Biotech, Sustainability, decentralized SaaS, Ag-Tech brands.

Sustainability, Cocoa Quality & Flavor Specialist

Daniel is the Founder and Managing Director of PRIDI Cacaofevier. He brings a unique perspective to the world of fine chocolate, with a his extensive experience as a chef and culinary leader in the hospitality industry. His passion lies in unlocking the flavour potentials of ethically sourced cacao beans. Daniel also champions sustainable practices with a strong emphasis on supply chain management and food waste.


Expert in finance and investor sourcing. Strong venture building in multiple geographies.

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