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re-think sustainability


ECOSHIFT re-thinks small-scale sustainability projects as part of a global ecosystem. It is a decentralized, collaborative network fusing low-tech solutions and blockchain applications.

ECOSHIFT uses collective intelligence to connect small hold farmers to the market, supporting transparent, verifiable and sustainable production.
We help build an environmentally friendly transition for food, energy, and water self-sufficiency.

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ECOSHIFT is an ambitious sustainability initiative combining ecological processes and technology. We promote green agriculture and aquaculture ventures using a blockchain for transparency and traceability.

We believe blockchain technology is a powerful collaborative tool with positive impacts.

Join and help us re-think sustainability!


Our mission is to empower people to initiate sustainable projects that tackle global challenges at the local level.

We are determined to flip an exploitative model on its head and create a transparent, inclusive, and balanced future.

We are proud to introduce an ecosystem model that will help shift the world to sustainable production.

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