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Ethical Thai Cocoa with a French Twist 


ECOSHIFT is a triple-win solution rooted in common sense:

farmers cultivate sustainably, chocolatiers craft unique flavors with responsibly produced cocoa and consumers support thriving cocoa communities.

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Exceptional Quality and Ethical Sourcing: Premium Cocoa Dry Beans and Nibs

At ECOSHIFT, we offer premium cocoa dry beans and nibs, ethically sourced from single estate and single origin farms. Our commitment to quality begins with hand-selecting the finest beans, ensuring rich flavor profiles that elevate your culinary creations. Ideal for high-end hospitality groups and craft chocolate makers, our cocoa products are meticulously processed to preserve their natural characteristics and enhance their distinct tastes. Partner with us to access traceable, sustainably produced cocoa that meets the highest standards of excellence and compliance with international regulations.

Bridging the Gap between Farmers and Markets: Scaling Sustainable Agricultural Production

ECOSHIFT is building a sustainable path to agricultural production to benefit smallholder farmers. The scalable management model fuses traditional farming techniques, modern practices, and technology for responsible growth.

A transparent end-to-end supply chain improves verification and traceability to comply with EUDR

and other international standards.

ECOSHIFT monitors and reports on social, environmental, and economic impact, fine-tuning objectives

as necessary to benefit our partner farmers.

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