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Belle nature



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Le projet KOH KOA a été lancé en 2018 lorsque notre fondatrice Linda Chevrier a planté plus de 350 cacaoyers sur l'île de Koh Phayam, en Thaïlande.

Linda a grandi ici et s'investi pour la communauté locale avec des projets durables et d'inclusion.

KOH KOA est un projet durable fusionnant des solutions low-tech et deep-tech pour la traçabilité et l'authentification.

ECOSHIFT aide les insulaires à passer à la production de cacao de haute qualité et à accéder à des marchés équitables.

Découvrez comment nous mettons en œuvre des changements positifs et durables qui profiteront aux générations futures.

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Belle nature


Increase average yields to equal or exceed international averages

Education and training for better soil and water management and improve post-harvest drying and fermentation processes to reduce nonviable products.


Secure better prices for cacao farmers with a preferred buyers program

Build the country’s largest cacao collective and secure better pricing via our preferred buyers' program.


Traceable and verifiable supply chain

Chocolate makers and exporters benefit from a verified supply chain that complies with EUDR and other regulations via our tech stack. Consumers eager to know the source of their chocolate can verify ECOSHIFT products.


Climate-smart Agriculture Post-Harvest Processes Optimization

Green Waste Innovation


The ECOSHIFT Center is a post-harvest processing facility essential to optimizing the quality and value of agricultural products. It is a centralized facility where harvested crops undergo cleaning, sorting, packaging, and other value-added processes before entering the market. This ensures that products meet quality standards, improve shelf life, and command higher prices, benefiting farmers and consumers.


We are actively seeking funding support to establish the ECOSHIFT Center.

We welcome financial partnerships that align with our vision of enhancing agricultural value chains and empowering farming communities.


ECOSHIFT has formed strategic partnerships with leading chocolate makers in Thailand who are committed to improving the local market by supporting smallholder farmers with fair pricing and long-term contracts.

We have support from a leading Thai University, which allows us exclusive access to over 1,000 cacao farmers and critical soil data in Northern Thailand. We will collaborate to grow their presence in the South.

A partnership with a prominent sustainability organization outside the cacao industry proves the ECOSHIFT model can benefit other smallholder farmers.

Our ECOSHIFT Thailand advisory panel includes experts in cacao, soil management, and fermentation techniques who are helping to improve the cacao industry.


ECOSHIFT gives smallholder farmers the tools to improve yields, track the supply chain and comply with regulations like EUDR. Our overall target is to build the most impactful cooperative of cacao growers and other sustainable smallholder farmers in Thailand.


Join ECOSHIFT and support a sustainable future for smallholder farmers in Thailand!

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